January 23, 2022

No more domains for 2022
This comes from the maker of where you can show off how many domains you got. So please don't take it lightly 😁

other me saying in my head why the hell are you including the website link? is this a marketing post for the website? 
the writer me: well, it's not intended to be a marketing post for the site but I would like to promote whenever I can 😎

I'm sick of buying domains, not building anything, and still keep hoarding more.
So here we go - no more buying new domains for the year 2022. I haven't bought a single domain so far in 2022 and I would like to keep it that way till the end of the year.

Why only till the end of the year you may ask? I may not follow this properly and end up buying one if I had said something like "I'm never going to buy a domain again" and hence more achievable (I hope) and realistic goal.

That's all got for now and thought of sending this post. Have a great year ahead 🎉

- Rinas