October 21, 2021

What you can learn in the 1st year of indie hacking journey
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It's been almost a year since I started my indie hacking journey and here are some points that could help you fastrack your first year if you are just starting out. 

  • build one core feature that customers would pay for. (a whole a lot of things to consider before picking the feature. I’m just not adding them here :D)
  • tease that in social media while we build that and get a few interested people to try that out (some take it one step further by keeping a price for even trying it out to reduce noise and get valuable feedback)
  • after a couple of feedback cycles, consider it out of beta and try to sell it to more people
  • The next couple of months would be to polish that feature based on feedback from mass, either keep the feature or pivot
  • after a couple of months or a year start adding the next main features

For startups, this cycle can be shorter since there would be more people involved to do social media/marketing/product decisions/programming

A few tricks that come handy:
  1. Don't start too quickly
    • don't buy the domain and start coding right away. give it some thought maybe a day or two? 
    • then couple of weeks to understand the customer problems we would solve
    • and spend couple more days hanging around communities of your potential customers. this is what you would be thinking, working, and doing for a couple of years from now. so get a hang of your customers
  2. Work on something you see yourself using a couple of years down the road
  3. Don't quit too early. not at least in the first year