October 10, 2021

No Sugar Today is slowly becoming HiFive with more health related challenges & leaderboards
1st version of No Sugar Today was built and launched in less than a day and I was surprised by the reactions got in Product Hunt. I used to track how many days I have gone without sugar in and decided to make a public leaderboard for it (especially because I was super bored that day :D)

Since then, I have added a proper landing page, daily reminder emails, and monthly leaderboard. There are still tonnes of great feedback got from everyone and it's sitting on my pending list. e.g, Awards/Badges if someone reaches milestones like 3,7, or 30 days without eating sugar.

While working on these, I started working on an app with Ahila to challenge our friends to see who walks more.It would be leaderboard for steps count. We have plans to include weight challenges, long runs, etc

This took away my time from No Sugar Today. Then it hit me that No Sugar Today can be inside this new app as one of the challenges. Spoke with Ahila and she was super excited as well to include a no sugar challenge.

We are calling the app - HiFive and it would be on both Android and iOS 😎

So what would happen to website?

This is the plan I have for the next couple of weeks:
  1. Change website title, logo to use the new name - HiFive
  2. Change the url from to
  3. Change landing page to talk about HiFive app instead of No Sugar Today
  4. Keep the no sugar check-ins and leaderboard working on the web version.
  5. Launch v1 of the app with no sugar challenge 
  6. Then add other challenges like steps count, weight loss, etc.

If you would like to get an email when we launch the app, go ahead and signup here: