August 19, 2021

🧙 How am I handling multiple projects while having a full time job?
I actually enjoy doing it. Helps me give a different perspective but the trick is to not do everything at the same time 😎

🧑‍💻 I mostly code only one project a week
  • This week I'm coding HiFive
  • You can see my weekly goals/updates on discord

⏰ also, I keep a schedule: 
  • everyday 7:30am to 8:30am (sometimes it gets extended to 9:30am)
  •  also at night if I have any energy left after day job (basically if I had less bugs to squash at work 😅)

That's what I do so far but I change and fine-tune my workflow constantly. That's the only way we can improve -- by identifying what's working and not working.

See you later 👋

- Rinas