July 16, 2021

Let it itch for a while
I often find myself running into registering domain names and start yet another project.

This isn't practical anymore. Now I have two major side projects and any new project I start won't get enough attention.

Even now, I don't get enough time to work on both and while having a full-time job. 

No Sugar Today is my "main" side project now. I still have few pending things to complete on HIGHSCORE and don't have enough time for that. 

Right now the trick is to wake up early (for that, have to sleep early 😅) and ship something daily before my work schedule starts at 10 am

So what to do when yet another "cool project idea" hits during the shower? 
  • Make a note of it in Workflowy
  • Let it sit there in my notes under the "projects/ideas" list
  • Do nothing

Screenshot 2021-07-16 at 9.00.57 AM.png 285 KB

If the project is supposed to scratch your itch, you would run into a situation where it itches often 😁
So wait for that. Is it itching you enough? If not, let it itch for a while. You may not feel that itch anymore if it's not serious.

If it's not itching you enough, it probably means the project idea is just a "cool project" and not a project to bootstrap your business.

(Okay, my quota to use the "itch" is over  😬😂)

Don't agree? I'm curious to know more.  Please reply or email me at [email protected] if you are reading online :)