April 05, 2021

🔥 10-day streak for a big time procrastinator
Screenshot of my WIP profile (2021-04-05)

I'm a big-time procrastinator and joining WIP helped a lot.

Usually, I start with building something and go down the road of tweaking the idea and keep thinking about all the 100 ways it can go wrong and how to change the implementation, etc.

Recently I came to realise it's not about how great the idea/product is -- it's all about incremental changes and keep shipping minor changes and it would take off sometime in the future 🚀. Maybe it won't but we never know unless we keep shipping.

That convinced me to join a community of makers shipping together. 😎
So far I've managed to go 10 days straight by working on these projects while having a full-time job.

The goal is to spend 1 hour daily during the weekdays and at least three hours during the weekend.
Let's see how long I can go before hitting the wall 😅

Here is my WIP profile: