January 30, 2024

What's up with my blogging platform in Jan, 2024

I started working on a blogging platform recently. One Simple Blog

Goal is to pick an idea/market that's already figured out by others and make a small dent in that universe.

I'll be writing about this series of "What's up with my blogging platform in X" series where I send an update every single month starting Jan, 2024. 

I'm considering these as a series of mini "launches" per month. You know, iterating over period of time to get that compounding effect. 

These are the topics you can expect:

🎉 Product updates & 👀Sneak peeks
🔢 Number of customers 
📊 Analytics screenshot for the month of Jan. 

🎉 Product updates & 👀Sneak peeks

  • Customers can now create blogs, write articles, and publish them in their own domains
  • Once a blog is created, I'm manually reaching out to them on how to connect their domains. This is because we do not have that automated yet. 
  • Pricing is revealed. You can see that in the homepage or in the pricing page:

🔢 Number of customers 

Total number of people signed up: 2
Number of paying customers: 1 (that's me!)

📊 Analytics screenshot for the month of Jan. 

Screenshot 2024-01-30 at 10.38.24 PM.png 376 KB