December 21, 2023

First and last writing in 2023
I did not write in 2023, well, at least not here.

That does not surprise me, as my first written piece back in 2021 was titled I don't write. How many have I written each year since then? Let's see.


  1. March 23, I don't write 
  2. April 5, 🔥 10-day streak for a big time procrastinator
  3. June 30, Why and how I built 
  4. July 16, Everyone needs to learn marketing
  5. July 16, Let it itch for a while 
  6. August 19, 🧙 How am I handling multiple projects while having a full time job?
  7. October 10, No Sugar Today is slowly becoming HiFive with more health related challenges & leaderboards
  8. October 21, What you can learn in the 1st year of indie hacking journey 

I'm genuinely surprised to see these many in year 1. Not bad for a year where I started with the thought of "I don't write," isn't it? :D 


  1. January 23, No more domains for 2022
  2. February 11, Life sucks.

Only two, and the last one was called "Life sucks." Damn, that looks depressing :D The reason I'm laughing is because the "Life sucks." piece was not really about my life sucked. It was actually going good :)

It was about how spreading love and happiness is life about, and that's what our existence is about. If we do not do that, we'll go back to our default state, which is stale, empty, and feeling like everything sucks. No, life does not suck if you do not let it suck, I guess?

I think that's it for now. See you next year. Have a great life ahead my friend 👋