March 23, 2021

I don't write
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Hey World 👋 

I don't write much and yet here I am writing to the world. The few words I scribble on Twitter are the quotes/thoughts I see on Twitter feeds, movies or in books. That's it.

Talking about Twitter, I often see people complaining about comments they receive on their tweets and how it feels like chaos. Twitter did allow users to disable comments on their tweets but you would have to do it for each tweet - how cumbersome!

Here kicks in my developer instinct - make an app for that! Just login, write your thoughts, no arguing comments, sarcasm, nothing! To help Twitter user transition, allow to publish these to Twitter as well so that Twitter followers can start reading them in the new app and slowly having them onboard on our new app.

Sounds cool right? I started to give this enough thought rather than impulse buying yet another domain and setting up a Rails project.

A week pass by, I see HEY World launched! Ability to write and share thoughts without the noise. 
My developer instinct again kicks in for building a platform for companies, brands, products to share their updates and let us follow them - no comments, likes, stories, and the 100 other things!

Oh, hold on a sec. It's already quite few paragraphs and the title is "I don't write". Well, may be I do write?
Let's see if this would be my first and last post to the world. I have a feeling that I actually like to write and it's just that I never realised it.

Thanks to HEY World, I do write.